PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya (TPS) improves the quality of service to export import containers. After successfully operating three of the largest Container Crane (CC) units at Tanjung Perak Port Surabaya, and the deepening of the international wharf up to minus 13 LWS so as to provide services to direct shipping vessels or direct calls.

Some of the destinations are Japan, China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Thailand, Australia, Korea, Dili, Singapore, and Malaysia. "Please note that we are serious in realizing TPS to be an international shipping direct call destination. By direct call, it is expected that the cost of logistics is efficient until the shorter mileage, the cost is lower because the goods exported can go directly to the destination country and the certainty of time dock In addition, goods or commodities are sent also no longer too long on the journey , "Said M. Solech, Public Relations PT TPS.

On Thursday (7/9) at the TPS international wharf, a ship with the name of South Damai was in the process of loading and unloading for the first time with a direct destination to Dili, East Timor. "TPS is working hard to open an international route of direct shipping, so that the production of trough handling will certainly reach the target set for 2017 of 1.4 million TEUs." Solech said.

Currently, the container flow for January-August period reaches 910,352 TEUs. The highest achievement recorded last May reached 124,116 TEUs. Throughout 2016 the container flows reached 1,397,428 TEUs with a monthly average of 110,000 TEUs. For the number of recorded container ship visits for the same period reached a total of 847 units.

M. Solech also said that with such a direct voyage, it will encourage and increase import export from industries in East Java and Surabaya city in particular. With direct shipping also added, not only the export is facilitated, but also imports or goods that will go to Surabaya will also be faster and easier. That way, the people of East Java can enjoy goods from abroad at a price that is not too expensive because logistics costs and logistics chain shorter / efficient.

"Please contact us to know the schedule of direct shipping vessels (direct call) through TPS where once a week there must be a direct call ship is ready to export and import your goods," lid Solech.