Community Fund program managed by PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya since 1999 has 4 areas of distribution:


Social Fields:

  1. Development or infrastruktur improvements (Bridge connecting villages and Public Buildings)
  2. Building dan repair places of worship/religion
  3. Fixes roads, repair and cleaning of drains, cleanlines of the Environment by providing a trash can and cart.
  4. Social activity such as free health care, free motor service, and the cost of surgery for patients with congenital abnormalities.


PC220244           P2280315

*Social Activities construction bridge in Sumenep by PT TPS employees.


* Free motor service : symbolic ceremony by President Director PT TPS


Education Fields:

  1. Development, and repair of building elementary, junior high school, and senior high school facilities. Where these projects, PT TPS has conducted and supervised the work and Then transfer the building to the school concenred.
  2. Provision of school infrasructure facilities and curriculum Development.
  3. Providing scholarships to Senior High School students and university college students in Surabaya from poor families
  4. Participation in science development activities and student talent abilities which organized by students


Regional Development :

Assistance for development of training programs and knowledge of port association members to aimed promoting professionalism and productivity leading to better operational activities.

Build entrepreneurial spirit for low socio-economic communities and encourage them to have they will to learn and improve skills in the form of self-employment development, cooperate with city goverment.

Change the slum villages into productive villages, aimed at creating health, education, and the economy of local communities.

 PC090211      PC090238

* Volunteer employees of TPS


Charity / Donation :

This assistance is provided to communities or areas affected by natural disasters such as; floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions. Assistance is carried out directly by visiting the center of disaster or organizing through a legal social organization ( Red Cross Indonesian )