Program Funds community services managed by PT. Terminal Petikemas Surabaya since 1999 while the field distribution of the fund is divided into four areas :


  1. Development or repair of infrastructure and public buildings
  2.  Builings and repair places of wrship / religion
  3. fixes Roads, repair and cleaning of drains, trash carts / environment
  4. Social activity example mass circumcision, health care, the cost of sugery for patients with congenital abnormalities, etc.

* Social Activity of Clean Park and Painting the Sidewalk in Perak Barat and Timur Street and Blood donation for all Employees PT. TPS

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  1. Construction, Building repair elementary, junior high school, senior high school. Where these projects, PT. TPS has conducted and supervised the work and then transfer the building to the school concerned.
  2. Fixes, The provosion of school infrastructure facilities and curriculum development.
  3. Provide scholarships to students Of Universities in Surabaya, among others, ITS, Airlangga University, UNESA who come from families can not afford.
  4. Participation in discourse or knowledge development activities or other activities program organized by the students.

* Library Car  for Surabaya City Goverment Support and Superior Class Barunawati Senior High School

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 Assistance finance for training and development of members of the association at the port, which aims to improve the professionalsm and productivity leading to better operational activities. Build and entrepreneurial spiritto the low socio - economic communities and encourage the to havea willingness to learn and imrpove skills in the form of independent entrepreneurship development, carry out cooperationwith city government.

*Shoes and Sew Training by  Dolly & Jarak Citizens

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* Cooking Training to Dolly and Jarak Citizens and Motorcycle Service Training

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This assistance given to communities or areas affected by natural disasters(floods, tsunami, eartquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, etc) implemented aid directly to the area or organize through social organizations are legal and real (ex:Red Cross, ACT. etc)


*Assistance to earthquake disaster victims in Nepal and Aid to the victims of the landslide in Banjarnegara

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