Press Release

06 November 2018

Today (6/11), TPS presents in the community, this time on the island of Lombok. After the earthquake experienced by the people of Lombok, Lombok is currently rising and improving. On this occasion, TPS was present to provide support to the people of Lombok, including by cooperating with IZI (Indonesian Zakat Initiative), TPS built 3 school units MI / Mts / MA Initiative Hidayatul Muttaqin NW Dangiang in Dangiang - North Lombok village and built 3 musholla units initiative.

29 October 2018
LEAN is a production practice methodology which focused on use and empowement of the source to create the value for the customer. The way is to eliminate the waste that happened in the process so the process occurs more effective and efficient, with the output quality better
29 October 2018
Seen from the trend in the last 3 years, TPS is optimistic that by the end of 2018, international container flows will increase 2.5% and domestic containers will increase 42% compared to 2017
29 October 2018
"With these two disasters, we are grieving and want to help these two islands to bounce back", said Ass. Man TPS Public Relations, M. Soleh
10 October 2018
TPS Ready to Implement Online Export Booking