With Orphan

TPS Was Invited The Customer For Having Fasting Break With The Orphan


Friday (25/5), Surabaya Petikemas Terminal (TPS) invited the Customers to have fasting break with the orphan at Verwood Hotel Surabaya. There are 140 orphans attended the invitation of TPS to have fasting break together.


The Directors of PT TPS are present in the middle of the warmth of the event with the orphan. The children looked enthusiastic about the event. TPS President Director Joko Noerhudha broke the mood by asking questions and giving cash prizes to those who could answer the question.


The more exciting event when the TPS Operations Director, Rodrigo Sanchez, greeted them with his Latin accent. She challenges children who can translate "Apa Kabar" in English. In the spirit of one of the children named Siti raised her hand, and she answered perfectly the question, even a bit of dialogue with English with Rodrigo.


"The children are very excited and very enthusiastic, thank you TPS has invited us," said Ahmad, one of the board of Muhammadiyah  Gresikan Foundation who was present on that day.


On that occasion, TPS also gave a rope in the form of transportation and compensation donation worth 55 million to seven foundations of Orphanage present at the event, namely Panti Asuhan KBIK Surabaya, PA Roudlotul Khoir, PA Balita Muhammadiyah Medokan, PA Muhammadiyah Gresikan, PA Darul Hikmah , Mahadul Aitam Sidoarjo and PA Baitul Farah Sidoarjo.


"These social activities are conducted as a form of gratitude for all the gifts and achievements, as well as efforts to keep in close relationship with Customers who have entrusted their business to TPS," said TPS President Director Joko Noerhudha.