Container Receiving Service

Procedure of container receiving service :

  1. Planning Customers should prepare the following documents

    • Letter of Receiving Request
    • Deposit of Warkat Dana (Advance Payment) (4 sheets each) to be submitted to Export Service Staff, within 96 up to 24 hours before the vessel arrival
  2. Export Service Staff prints out Job Order/CEIR (Container Equipment Interchange Receipt) which has been approved by Export Superintendent. The 1 st, 2 nd, and 3 rd sheet of CEIR is submitted to the customer. Customer forwards to the Truck Driver.

  3. Truck Driver enters In-Gate, with the container, submits the Job Order/CEIR and copy of Surveyor Identification Code (CTPS = Catatan Tanda Pengenal Surveyor)/PEB to Gate Staff.

  4. Gate Staff checks the condition of the container and prints out In-Gate Terminal Job Slip based on Job Order/CEIR and returns the 3 rd and the 4 th sheet to Truck Driver.

  5. Truck Driver submits In-Gate Terminal Job and Job Order/CEIR to Yard Tally Clerk.

  6. Yard Tally Clerk orders RTG Operator to lift up the container from the chassis of Head Truck to the Container Yard at the location as stated in In-Gate Terminal Job Slip. Yard Tally Clerk confirms the position of container into the computer system (HHT/Teklogix).

  7. Truck Driver receives Job Order/CEIR and In-Gate Terminal Job Slip from Yard Tally Clerk, moves to the Out-Gate and submits In-Gate Terminal Job Slip and Job Order/CEIR (the 3 rd sheet) to the Out-Gate Staff.