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New Service CS-2 boosts Intra-Asian Trade

PT TERMINAL PETIKEMAS SURABAYA serves CS-2 service, a new service operates by consortium consist of Wanhai Lines, CNC (CMA CGM Group) and ONE. 

The 3 first vessels of concerned CS-2 service have berthed at @pttps_official: MV. Wanhai 307 operated by WHL in November 23, 2020; MV. Buxlink operated by ONE in December 1; 2020 and MV. APL Pusan operated by CNC in December 8, 2020.

This new service is scheduled to be berth PT TERMINAL PETIKEMAS SURABAYA in weekly manner, with an average moves (loading and unloading volume) of 1000 TEUs/week.

Having this new service is expected to accelerate logistics flows and  improve the market access and fluidity of trade in Intra Asia.