Charity Touring TPS




"Diving while drinking water", the most appropriate proverb for TPS Rider Community (TRC), while Doing their  hobby riding motorcycles, they also use the moment to share with others.

On Saturday until Last week (5 - 6 May 2018) TRC did his touring to Coast Sembilan Gili Genting Island, Sumenep - Madura. The group led by the President Director of PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya (PT TPS), Joko Neorhudha was attended by approximately thirty employees. “it was the TRC routine activity, TRC did the touring together and also do the charity” Said Joko.

The journey took about 175km, the travel time around 5 hours with the speed 80km/hours and it was started from TPS’s office at 9 AM  on the first day.

The clock showed at 11:00 am, the weather conditions are quite hot, quite consuming their energy, so the riders decided to pause at a supermarket to enjoy a coffee break, take pictures and rest the body for a moment and just check their motor condition.

Enthusiasm, passion and togetherness, the atmosphere  are very thick  among the riders. At 12:00 pm the riders have arrived at Asela Restaurant located in the area of Sampang. The atmosphere of the restaurant which located on the beach is very supportive to be a place to rest for a moment, enjoy lunch and worship.

The journey continued at 13.00 pm and just at 14:30 pm the riders have arrived at a port crossing to the coast of Sembilan Gili Genting Island. By renting two ships which accommodate 25  riders, the  journey was taken approximately for one hour.

Arriving at Pantai Sembilan Gili Genting Island, Semenep Madura, the riders hand in hand  working together to set up tents that will be their beds and prepare the goodsthat  they will donate tomorrow.

"This fatigue is really paid off with the beauty of the Nine Coast Gili Gili Island which is really  natural," said Mahrus Yudhi one of TRC riders.

In the evening the event continued with a free event that can be called night of intimacy, where on that night all the riders gathered to enjoy dinner together with the seafood menu at a joglo beach , then just chatting, singing and dancing together until late at night.

The next day is the peak event where the riders perform social activities for the residents around the Sembilan Beach. The donation was directly hand over by Joko Noerhudha to the village chief of Ginting Island and local religious leaders, and also attended by the local residents along with the Sembilan Coast Guard.

The assistance was provided by TPS to the residents around Pantai Sembilan are umbrellas and beach tents, the  equipment for Mushala, build the wudlu facilities and trails for Mushala, and create of TPS logo indicated that TPS was present in this island.

The head of Gili Genting Island Village, Sulton, expressed his gratitude to TPS who has been willing to come all the way to this island as well as providing his assistance. "TPS is the only company from outside Gili & Madura Island that has been present in our village to provide its assistance, and I as the Head of the village represent the people are very grateful for the attention that was  given by TPS," Sulton said in the middle of his speech .

On that occasion, Joko Noerhudha said that this is one form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of the company that we are obliged to do, "What makes this activity different than usual is we do this social activity while doing our hobby," Joko said proudly.

It is hoped that in the future TPS can carry out social activities that are packed with other positive and beneficial activities such as which TPS is doing today.