Dirut TPS golf bersama customer

Jakarta – Saturday (3/9), Commemorating National Customer Day which will fall on September 4, 2022, Terminal Petikemas Surabaya (TPS) invites customers to join the golf game at Suvarna Jakarta Golf Club. This activity was chosen because in addition to bringing the relationship between business executives closer, it is also healthy and fun.

The event titled "TPS Energicc Golf Session 2022" was held as a form of appreciation for TPS to loyal customers. Energicc itself is the theme of this year's TPS Anniversary which comes from the abbreviation of the words Ecofriendly, Never Compromise on Safety, Empowering, Renewable, Go Green, Integrity, Collaboration, Create Value which describes TPS as a green port that runs its business in an environmentally friendly manner (Green port with ecofriendly). Business).

The President Director of TPS, Abdul Rofid Fanany, who had the opportunity to attend, said that the activity to commemorate National Customer Day today was held for loyal TPS customers, as well as a moment of refreshing while staying in touch in a more relaxed atmosphere.

“I am very happy that today I can meet face to face with customers. At this moment, we would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to our loyal customers,” said Abdul Rofid Fanany, who is familiarly called Ifan.

In his remarks, Ifan explained that TPS could be in its current position, it cannot be separated from the support and involvement of all parties, so that support will continue to be needed in line with the development of the logistics & port business.

Efforts to build relationships with customers are not only carried out through joint sports activities such as the TPS Energicc Golf Session 2022. The Customer Engagement Survey is another activity in the same endeavor. The survey was carried out with the aim of exploring input, suggestions and hearing customer complaints, as a reference for implementing TPS improvement, which led to improved service to customers.

In managing the business, TPS is also committed to ensuring the safety and security of cargo and every business actor in the TPS area, while still paying attention and prioritizing safety at work as a form of commitment to zero tolerance to accidents. This form of commitment is manifested, among others, in the implementation of compliant operations, various trainings to strengthen competence as well as drills or joint exercises that are carried out regularly.

Among the drills that have been carried out by TPS are the ISPS Code Drill in April 2022. The Fire Hazard Handling Drill involving stakeholders in the Tanjung Perak Port environment was carried out on August 31, 2022.

The “Clean TPS Movement” is also carried out as an effort to continue to convey and invite all parties in the commitment and implementation of anti-extortion, anti-bribery and anti-gratification commitments in order to make TPS a safe, comfortable and reliable business area for customers.

In general, the commitment to compliance in conducting business, in all respects, is carried out continuously by TPS, including the Compliance Campaign which will be held again in September 2022. Compliance, especially with respect to the provisions of safe and secure work in confined areas such as terminals at TPS, is an absolute must that must always be maintained.

TPS will continue to strive to provide the best for customers by always maintaining service quality, making improvements and also efforts to build good relationships such as the activities carried out by TPS so far, including the TPS Energicc Golf Session 2022.

It is hoped that this activity can be a place to continue to establish closeness, togetherness between TPS and its customers so that communication and business collaboration can continue to be improved, as well as a place to convey aspirations and inspiration for services in the concept of development in a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere.