Container Delivering Service

Procedure of container delivery service :


  1. Container Delivering Service


    1. Shipping Lines submits the Online Delivery Order file to TPS for each container to be delivered out from the terminal. The file could be submitted using EDI format or by uploading to TPS Web-access.


    2. Via Clique 247, Customer creates Job Order for Container Delivery by inputting the data as the following :


      1. Reference number and date of Customs Clearance document;
      2. Delivery Order Number from Shipping Lines;
      3. PIN from Shipping Lines.


    3. Clique 247 processes the date input by Customer. Customer should check the container data which is displayed in the system.


      1. In case there is any mis-match of container data, Customer should clarify to Shipping Lines accordingly.


        • Shipping Lines should re-submit Online Delivery Order in case they receive any information from Customer.


      2. In case the container data has been matched, Customer can proceed and create Job Order and prints it out accordingly.


    4. Customer distributes the printed Job order to Truck Driver before entering into the terminal.


    5. Yard Dispatcher submits the sequence list of container delivering.


    6. Truck Driver with the printed Job Order enters the Gate-In and hands over the Job Order to Gate Personnel.


    7. Gate-In Personnel scans the Job Order barcode, inputs BAT number and plate number, and prints out Job Slip to hand over to Truck Driver.


    8. Truck Driver with the printed Job Slip continues heading to the designated import blocks as stated in Job Slip.


    9. RTG/RS Operator moves the container from the import block onto truck chassis and confirms it into VMT.


    10. For reefer container, Reefer Monitoring Personnel unplug the cable before the container to be moved.


    11. Truck Driver moves out to Gate-Out and returns Job Slip to Gate-Out Personnel.


    12. Gate-Out Personnel checks whether the container physical data has matched with the data in the system. Once the data has matched, Gate-Out Personnel confirms the process been completed.