Service Commitment




Occupational Health and Safety Objectives had been approved by Board of Directors to be as follows :


Occupational Safety and Healthy

  1. Zero fatality
  2. Achieve better Lost Time Incident Frequency Rate (LTIFR) versus 2017 or maintain at 1 or less
  3. Achieve Reportable Injury Frequency Rate (RIFR) versus 2017 or maintain at 1 or less
  4. Maintain 90% + score for all applicable program(s) from “Batch A & Batch B” (risk reduction engagement programs released in 2013 & 2014)
  5. Achieved 90 % of each engagement Batch C in 2018. (4 Engagements)
  6. 66% "gap" increase for each applicable program of "Group D" (15 risk reduction programs issued / released in 2016)
  7. Total CIR's per Million WHs. The total number of CIR's/total Man Hours Worked  WHs x 1,000,000.
  8. Report 100% Critical incident (CIR) Part A and Completed CIR with Part B in time
  9. Safety Observation done by each Manager
  10. Achieve Surveillance of ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 by TUV and SMK3 by Local Government
  11. S&E Managers to meet minimum HSE Qualifications & Experience requirements
  12. Every person who does or may “lead” an actual or potential 4 or 5 CIR investigation must have completed a “recognized” internal / external investigation training program as per the GHSE (Global Health and Safety Environment) minimum competency criteria.



  1. Reduction of 12.5%* in Co2e per TEU from 2013 base year (note: this is directly linked to performance in energy target). Reduction of 12.5%* in Co2e per
  2. Reduction of 15%* in “purchased” energy per TTM from 2013 base year (note: measured at consolidated regional level)
  3. Environment and Safety Campaign to be run : World Water Day, Clean Up the World day, Earth Hour, Children’s Drawing Competition, GHSE (Global Health and Safety Environment) Awards etc…