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23 November 2021
Competent Human Resources is one of the keys to PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya
19 November 2021
It is the freedom to learn, think and understand the concept of learning easily to be applied in real life and the world of work
19 November 2021
Hey #Portizens!

PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya continues in our commitment to implement business processes which are free from any forms of fraud.  Please do not hesitate to report any violation through the channel above!

Thank you for your continues support for clean PT TPS, for a better Indonesia. 
17 November 2021

PT Terminal PEtikemas Surabaya welcome visitors from several shipping lines including Chief Rep.  Wan Hai Lines (WHL) Jakarta and Owner Rep.  WHL Surabaya.

09 November 2021
TPS Container throughput until October 2021