Surabaya (23/8) - As fuel consumption demand increases for the operation of loading and unloading equipment which became one of the high- cost components and considered no longer efficient, PT . Terminal Petikemas Surabaya do energy innovation by changing the power supply for loading and unloading equipment, container crane, from diesel generators on board into a middle electric voltage.

To support power supply for this energy innovation, PT. Terminal Petikemas Surabaya sign an agreement with State Owned Power Company (PLN). Represented by Dothy, President Director and Nur Syamsiah, Finance Director both from PT. Terminal Petikemas Surabaya, the signing ceremony was taken in Tuesday (23/8). After signing, Dothy, President Director, optimists that sinergy between two state owned company (PT. Terminal Petikemas Surabaya is a subsidiary of PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia III (Persero) and Dubai Port World), is a positive step on energy consumption efficiency. Not only for PT. Terminal Petikemas Surabaya but to a more broaden – logistic industry.
Adriansyah, PLN Area Manager admit that power installation in PT. TPS is the fastest. Installation normally takes until 75 days while in this process, installation accomplished in 14 days. “TPS will receive power supply from PLN of 5540 KVA to operate its container cranes, both servicing international and domestic wharf. Investment for power distribusion house construction and its supporting equipment is IDR 60 million, he claimed.
” Further, Adriansyah said that this energy innovation from diesel on board to middle voltage lead to 50% fuel consumption efficiency. Using diesel genset on board, the equipment consume 2.77 liter of fuel per box (industry fuel price – 1 lietr is IDR 10,000) to 8.50 kWH of electricity per box (power price is IDR 1250 per kWH).
Dothy also confirm that power energy usage contribute positively to the environment for it minimize CO2 emmission and nuisance. “Efficiency is provided due to container crane maintenance frequentcy decrease which lead to increase equipment availability and reliability which at the end shall increase service level, especially on wharf services. Cost for engine part replacement will also reduced,” she explained.
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