TPS GET CREATIVE CONTEST: succeed in calling on children's creativity


Surabaya - "My father works on a shi[", said the 6-year-old girl named Axel when asked on stage by the Master of Ceremony (MC), what was the job of her parents. Lenmarc atrium atmosphere. UG, on Wednesday (3/4), was suddenly crowded with a group of employees and several Surabaya Container Terminal Work Partners (TPS), who enthusiastically participated in the Get Creative Contest TPS.

TPS get creative contest is an annual agenda as part of the occupational health and safety campaign organized by DP World, and as one of the business units under DP World (as one of the Shareholders at TPS, partnering with Pelindo III), TPS regularly set it as an annual agenda.



Previously, on September 7, 2018, a Get Creative contest was held through a drawing contest and coloring with the theme "Climate Change" which was participated by approximately 150 children of TPS employees. Today's program is the top event, namely the announcement of winners and giving appreciation to Holders and Participants of Get Creative Contest 2018.

TPS Vice President Director, Kenneth Law, revealed that this activity was not only intended as a K3 campaign, but also that children as the next generation could get to know and be close to the port. Of course it is not excessive, considering that the children of their parents work in the port, so early childhood education about what is a port and the important role of the port, can be conveyed simply to them.

"In this activity we also want to hone children's motor skills in work," he added.

The children looked enthusiastic about this event. They can enjoy clown entertainment, dance with tayo characters, get door prizes by participating in interesting games and quizzes, besides that they are also invited to make art and craft creations by making Port Diorama, an activity that hones children's motor skills.

Through Port Diorama or three-dimensional / port landscape, children are directed and together with friends present, preparing and compiling Port Diorama components consisting of containers, ships, Container Crane (CC), docks, trucks, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

TPS Legal and Commercial Manager, Erika A. Palupi said that this activity was attended by approximately 150 children aged 3 to 16 years. Unlike the previous years, announcements of winners and awards this year were carried out in shopping malls, in addition to increasing the enthusiasm of participants, TPS also wanted to be closer to the community, especially in terms of campaigning for the importance of compliance with K3.

"Because the world of children is full of imagination and creativity, the implementation of activities should be carried out with fresh ideas and full of creativity, as one of our supports for children to never get bored being creative!", Said Erika.

TPS hopes that in the future, maybe not only the employees' children will be invited to participate. Public participation in this activity can be one of the agenda of sharing knowledge about ports from an early age.

"It feels great to be able to create and get prizes, thanks TPS," said Gwenlyn Annabelle Davika, winner of Get Creative Contest 2018 who received IPAD6 from DP World and coaching money from TPS.



About PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya:
PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya or abbreviated as TPS is one of the subsidiaries incorporated in Pelindo III Group, engaged in port services in the container terminal services of import and domestic exports. TPS was established in 1992 as a Container Terminal Unit (UTPK) and was privatized on April 29, 1999 by P & O Dover with an ownership interest of 49%. In 2004 polling stations have reached throughput of> 1 million TEUs and continue to grow until now. On March 1, 2006 the P & O Port holding company was acquired by DP World, so that all P & O Dover assets and investments transferred ownership to DP World, including 49% shares in TPS so that the composition of TPS shares was 51% owned by PT Pelindo III and 49% owned by DP World.
TPS runs its core business as a container terminal operator, as an economic gateway from export - import activities in Eastern Indonesia and is the first terminal in Indonesia to implement ship safety and port facilities that came into force in July 2004.


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