A little story from a tour and charity employees of Group D Terminal Surabaya Container (TPS) - by Wewen.

Our agenda in this semester, precisely on September 30 - 31, 2019, is on the beach, this time the location we will visit is Menjangan Island of Bali, this location is in the West Bali National Park area where the beauty of the beach is still very natural including underwater exoticism , ranks of coral reefs and swarms of various types of fish are often found here.

We are very concerned that this beautiful island is polluted every day by plastic waste shipped from Java island and also many domestic tourists who still throw trash on this island, they are still not aware that the garbage they throw here will pollute the environment and impact on the marine ecosystem.

Bumi is undergoing an emergency of plastic waste. Currently, Indonesia is the second largest producer of plastic waste in the world after China, for Java alone producing thousands of tons of garbage per day, of which 40% is plastic waste. If the plastic waste is collected, it will exceed the Borobudur temple building. In a recent study in 13 Indonesian waters, finding microplastics in fish bodies, if this condition continues to deteriorate and does not change, it is not impossible that humans will eat their own plastic waste.

Save Menjangan 2019, we are the Delta Container Petikemas Surabaya group (TPS), moved to help overcome this situation. Refreshing as well as a campaign about the importance of nature's preservation and cleanliness, hoping that in the future our children and grandchildren can still enjoy the natural beauty of the island of Menjangan. Clean beach action from plastic waste is able to attract sympathetic domestic and foreign tourists, they are very impressed and appreciate this activity.

In addition, we also campaign to reduce the use of disposable plastics (plastic bags, straws, cups and plastic bottles, etc.), because the garbage cannot be decomposed, it takes hundreds of years to decompose, we also hand over the help of cleaning tools to support the process of cleaning garbage in the area Menjangan island.

In the future, through the officers of the West Bali National Park, we will be invited to a group of environmentalists based in Australia, they seriously pay attention to the environmental conditions of the island of deer. After returning from the island of deer we gave cleaning tools and trash cans to several mosques and tourist areas so that they could help keep the environment clean.

Protecting nature is the duty and duty of every person, start the task from yourself by doing simple things. Ayoo ... from now on we reduce the use of disposable plastic, and throw the trash in its place, because this will affect life on earth where we live. / Wewen /

PT. Surabaya Container Terminal or abbreviated as TPS is a subsidiary of Pelindo III Group, which is engaged in port services in the export-import and domestic container terminal services. TPS was established in 1992 as a Container Terminal Unit (UTPK) and was privatized on April 29, 1999 by P & O Dover with an ownership interest of 49%. In 2004 polling stations have reached throughput of> 1 million TEUs and continue to grow until now. On March 1, 2006 the P&O Port Holding Company was acquired by DP World, so that all assets and investments of P&O Dover transferred ownership to DP World, including a 49% stake in TPS so that the composition of TPS shares was 51% owned by PT Pelindo III and 49% owned by DP World. Since April 28, 2019, Pelindo III has purchased all DP World shares in the TPS, so that since then, TPS shares have been owned by and TPS operates under the leadership of Pelindo III.

TPS operates its core business as a container terminal operator, as an economic gateway for export-import activities in Eastern Indonesia and is the first terminal in Indonesia to implement ship safety standards and port facilities which came into force in July 2004.


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