Surabaya - September 4 is celebrated as National Customer Day. This year Surabaya Container Terminal (TPS) has a different way to commemorate it. Specifically, on this special day for Customers, TPS conducts a Customer Visit to hear directly from Customers about the current business, future business development plans and convey TPS strategic plans both short and long term.

It is thus expected to improve cooperative relations, so that all parties can jointly improve services in a direction that is always better. In this visit, TPS also had the opportunity to express appreciation to customers, in the form of hampers and invitations to enjoy the annual Jazz Festival in Surabaya which will be held in mid-September 2019.

The theme "You are Awesome", is a form of TPS award to Service Users and shows the meaning of Customers to TPS, as conveyed by TPS Legal & Commercial Manager, Erika A. Palupi who participated in this visit.

"On this occasion we also want to specifically visit each customer, in addition to giving signs of love, also for sharing," added Erika.

Technically, the TPS Awesome Team is divided into 4 teams that make visits to customers, consisting of Shipping Companies and forwarding companies, a total of 50 customers are visited in one day.

The customer highly appreciated the visit of the Awesome TPS team, as conveyed by Operation ONE's Product & Network Vessel, Vincent, who did not even realize that the day was National Customer Day and was surprised and was proud of ONE to receive a surprise TPS visit this time.

Not only that, Surabaya Branch Manager Yang Ming, Takris, also said that TPS has always tried to provide a swift service, where every time there is a problem TPS always provides the best solution, even the customer plays very well where every month monthly meetings are always held as evaluation media between TPS and its customers.

"We appreciate for the good service from TPS, TPS and Wanhai can fight together !!" said Andrian NI, Owner Representative of Wanhai Lines

"Sharing and input from customers means a lot to us, in order to continuously improve and improve the quality of TPS services," said Erika.

Happy National Customer day ... !!

"Thank You Customers, You Are Awesome"

About PT Terminal Petikemas Surabaya:

PT. Surabaya Container Terminal or abbreviated as TPS is a subsidiary of Pelindo III Group, which is engaged in port services in the export-import and domestic container terminal services. TPS was established in 1992 as a Container Terminal Unit (UTPK) and was privatized on April 29, 1999 by P & O Dover with an ownership interest of 49%. In 2004 polling stations have reached throughput of> 1 million TEUs and continue to grow until now. On March 1, 2006 the P&O Port Holding Company was acquired by DP World, so that all assets and investments of P&O Dover transferred ownership to DP World, including a 49% stake in TPS so that the composition of TPS shares was 51% owned by PT Pelindo III and 49% owned by DP World. Since April 28, 2019, Pelindo III has purchased all DP World shares in the TPS, so that since then, TPS shares have been owned by and TPS operates under the leadership of Pelindo III.

TPS operates its core business as a container terminal operator, as an economic gateway for export-import activities in Eastern Indonesia and is the first terminal in Indonesia to implement ship safety standards and port facilities which came into force in July 2004.


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