Mothers Day In commemoration of Mother's Day 2019 which is celebrated every December 22, 2019, Terminal Petikemas Surabaya (TPS) conducts a Women Self Defense workshop with the theme My Mom My Hero, on Friday (12/20). Through this workshop, TPS wants to share ways to protect themselves for women.

By bringing in speakers from the WSDK (Women Self Defense of KOPO RYU), invitations consisting of Pelindo III Group employees, Pelindo III employee wives (Perispindo) both Perispindo3 and Perispindo TPS, TPS Service Users, Logistics and Port Female Communities, Banking institutions , get additional insight about reading dangerous situations, read and be alert to the movements of people who intend to do evil, as well as examples and practices of simple movements to take the fight.

The 4P martial arts concept was also shared, namely Pray, Predict, Prevent and Protect. These steps are very useful for women in recognizing safe zones, security of the surrounding environment, estimating the steps to be taken if conditions are not conducive and carrying out self-defense executions if necessary.

President Director TPS, Dothy, said that this is the first time TPS has held a women's-only event with the theme of resilience, before the commemoration of Batik Day 2019, the TPS held an event that provided insight into the diversity of cultural culture in Indonesia, having previously also held a commemoration event at the International Womens Day by sharing experiences and tips on carrying out the role of women with the uniqueness of various countries, because at that time also invited female colleagues of foreign citizenship.

"Aside from being a provision for self-protection for women in particular, this event also aims to establish a warm communication and friendship between logistics and port practitioners," said Dothy.

The invitees who attended the celebration of Mother's Day, looked different from the thematic concept wrapping of Hero Mom, where there were national heroes such as Cut Nyak Dien, Kartini, there were also superhero wonder women, super women, sports heroes, and some even wore office clothes with their kitchen aprons and the kitchen accessories they brought. Interesting and exciting, because the best costume that is chosen is the most interesting and unique.

At that moment the library books were also given assistance for the Trisula Elementary School, as a form of TPS concern and support in the field of education.

"In addition to exciting martial arts training and of course very useful for me, the event was also more exciting with the presence of a door prize and committee evaluation for the best costume at the event today. Thank you TPS for inviting us to unique events, "said one of the TPS customers who attended the event.