banjir jombang


Surabaya (12/2) – Floods that have hit a number of villages in Jombang Regency since last week due to the overflowing of the Konto and Gude rivers are still being felt by residents to this day. Hundreds of houses were flooded and residents had to evacuate to higher ground.

As part of the concern and sympathy for the Surabaya Container Terminal (TPS), which is a subsidiary of Pelindo III, several volunteers from TPS were present on Thursday (11/2), providing assistance in the form of bedding, blankets, toiletries and medicines. Based on the observations of the team that directly distributed the aid, residents were still feeling the flood, so the evacuation tents were still full because the residents' houses were still flooded.

The assistance was received directly by the Head of RT 2 RW 11 Kedung Mulyo Village, Kedung Gabus Hamlet, Jombang Regency, Solik who said that currently there are around 30 family heads from the area affected by the flood, the losses of course are many, ranging from damage to houses, rice fields, up to They have to give up livestock such as calves, goats, chickens and even catfish that are ready to harvest, so these donations mean a lot to us.

On that occasion, Solik also shared his sad story with the residents to the TPS team that on Thursday (4/2) at 22.00 the residents were ready. Residents have tried to build a dam with piles of sandbags, but the conditions are no longer possible, so that an hour later the embankment bursts. Within 2 hours the water had risen to a height of almost 2 meters, so residents had to be evacuated to higher ground.

"Thank you TPS, for caring about our condition here, even for visiting us directly here in the middle of the flood," added Solik.

TPS Corporate Communication, Retno Utami who also went directly to the disaster site with the TPS team, said that this activity is a form of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), with the hope that this assistance can ease the burden on our brothers and sisters affected by the flood.

"Hopefully the condition will recover soon, so that residents can immediately return to their homes and carry out their activities as usual," added Retno.

Norman, one of the residents also said that the flood was going very fast, so they did not have time to save his valuables. At the time in the refugee camps they only slept on makeshift mats, now they are grateful to have mattresses and blankets, at least their backs feel more comfortable when sleeping.

"I don't know, bro, what is the fate of my house now, the rice fields have also been flooded, hopefully it will recede soon so we can return home," said Norman.