Surabaya (2/2) – As an effort to continuously improve services, Surabaya Container Terminal (TPS) continues to carry out various digital-based innovations. Wednesday (2/2), TPS conducted an online Go Live Container Damage Report (CDR) through Clique247 which can be accessed through the TPS website, namely www.tps.co.id.

The CDR itself is a document issued by TPS when container damage is found, both in the process of receiving/dispensing goods (receiving/delivery) as well as in the loading and unloading process both at the wharf and in the stacking yard. This CDR service provides assurance to customers about the condition of the containers entrusted with their services to TPS. If in the future the customer finds any damage to the container, information about the damage can be traced to the TPS CDR system.

Previously this CDR was done manually, namely after the container entered through Optical Character Recognition (OCR), the OCR would automatically capture an image of the container, both the identity of the container and the condition of the container as a whole, then the customer had to come to the TPS to sign the CDR form. has been equipped with photos from the OCR.

Plt. The Main Director, Bambang Hasbullah said that now customers no longer need to come to TPS to sign the CDR form, but the photos from the OCR will be sent to the online CDR system, after which customers can confirm via Click247 which is available on the TPS website.

"Through this online CDR, customers can see pictures of the condition of their containers before carrying out their activities at the TPS, and they can access it anywhere, making it more effective and efficient, and paperless," said Bambang.

TPS itself has 8 OCR units available at the export gate as many as 4 units, as many as 3 units at the import gate and at the wharf as much as 1 unit.

Bambang also said that before the online Go Live CDR was carried out, TPS had also conducted outreach to both customers and internal TPS.

On this occasion, when contacted by TPS to ask for testimonials about the implementation of this latest online service, Bayu from a Marine Freight Forwarding Company (EMKL) said that this online CDR was very helpful. "I no longer need to bother having to come to the TPS to sign the form, but with just one click, the CDR process can be completed," said Bayu.

Good news also came from TPS Information Technology (IT), where an IT Capability assessment was carried out by an external assessor using the COBIT 5 framework.

Cobit 5 itself is a framework that is recognized internationally and is used as a reference for conducting assessments or measuring the level of IT maturity within SOEs.

From the results of this assessment, TPS succeeded in achieving IT Capability at level 3.11 (Established), where the value is above the average value set by the Ministry of BUMN, in the Minister of BUMN Circular Letter no. S-122/MBU/DSI/05/2021 which states that every SOE needs to evaluate the level of IT maturity using the COBIT 5 framework with a minimum score of 3.

Based on data obtained from external assessors, the achievement score is also above the average achievement for a group of companies engaged in logistics services.

Bambang said that this achievement showed that the implementation of IT in the TPS environment was well defined, IT processes were equipped with standard procedures as references, and were carried out in an organized manner with good governance.

"This spurred us to continue to make continuous improvements and continue to innovate, so as to further improve our services for customers," added Bambang.