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Surabaya (13/2) – As an implementation of the commitment to run its business with a sustainable concept to support the sustainability of human life and the environment (Sustainable Port), Surabaya Container Terminal (TPS) consistently strives to preserve nature. One of TPS' initiatives is to convert waste as one of the outputs of operational and business processes at TPS, starting from oil and wire rope to be used into something useful, including converting it into oxygen, through planting tabebuya at TPS.

TPS Corporate Secretary, Erika A. Palupi who also participated as a volunteer in the tree planting agenda at TPS last Friday (10/2), said that TPS's target is to plant 1,000 (one thousand) trees. Yesterday, TPS planted 222 tabebuya trees, starting in 2022 TPS has planted 373 trees. "We will continue to plant as a conversion of waste as a form of social and environmental responsibility for TPS," added Erika.

Of course, through planting this tree, TPS can enrich Oxygen in its work area, thereby supporting the sustainable port program, where for the theme of the 24th Anniversary which will be held in April, TPS is also focused on that goal.

Today's tree planting was also part of a series of Occupational Safety and Health (K3) activities at TPS, where previously there had also been blood donation activities, training and certification for evacuation for workers working at heights, implementation of a management walkthrough where management representatives led directly by the directors to carry out operations around the terminal to look for discrepancies and make improvements, carry out health webinars with the theme getting to know Diabetes Mellitus type 2, and training in the use of Light Fire Extinguishers (APAR) for office employees.

Not only that, TPS has also received an award from the Governor of East Java for the achievement of zero work accidents. This is clear evidence of TPS's commitment to implementing OSH in its work area, namely 24,593,797 man-hours without work accidents, no fatal accidents within 7 years, and TPS has succeeded in implementing the Safety and Health Management System certification. Work (SMK3) based on PP no. 50 in 2012 with the final assessment in the gold flag category.

Erika said that in environmental preservation activities other activities were carried out, namely the nursery of 10 thousand mangrove seedlings which were targeted to be harvested at the end of February or early March. In terms of equipment, TPS has also electrified Container Crane, and this year TPS will start electrifying Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTG).

"There are around 22 RTG units which are targeted to start electrification in the second quarter of this year, so that later TPS will actually reduce environmental emissions produced by loading and unloading equipment," concluded Erika.

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