Whistle Blowing System



The Whistle-blowing System is a system used to receive, process and follow up as well as make reports on the information submitted by the whistleblower regarding violations that occurred within the company.


The purpose of this Whistle-Blowing System is to serve as a guideline in facilitating and accelerating the process of implementing the completion of reporting on indications of violations committed by the reported party.


Reportable violations:

  1. Criminal acts.
  2. Hazards to safety and health.
  3. Environmental damage.
  4. Failure to comply with any legal or professional obligations or regulatory requirements.
  5. Financial fraud or mismanagement.
  6. Violation of Company Regulations.
  7. Violation of the Company's Code of Conduct.
  8. Abuse of office authority.
  9. Actions that result in the loss or reduction of the Company's revenue.
  10. Violations in the procurement of goods and services.



Whistle-Blowing System Reporting Media :

  1. PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero)

    Web Online : https://pelindobersih.whistleblowing.link/ 

    Telepon : +62 21 2782 2345

    Faksimile : +62 21 2782 3456

    SMS/Whatsapp : +62 811 933 2345 / +62 811 9511 665

    Email : pelindobersih@whistleblowing.link